Patient testimonials

"I appreciate everything you did for me on such short notice."

- Stephanie

"I first saw Dr. Vafaie five years ago for a root canal consultation. I was very impressed with his thorough evaluation and grateful that he concluded that the procedure was not necessary ( correctly - no problems with the tooth!) I have a lot of confidence in his diagnostic skills."

- Julia

"You all are professional, nice, and thorough. Office looks great and is clean. The procedure didn't hurt. What more can one ask? Thanks."

- Deb

"Excellent staff and doctor. Great facility, state of the art"

- Carl

"Allison and Fredda are awesome"

- Melanie

"Best endo experience I've had - and I've had a bunch! Many thanks."

- Andrea

"Dr. V put me at ease about the procedure, but I was still severely anxious. This was my first major procedure of any kind. By the time it was through I was relaxed and smiling, and grateful for choosing him and the staff here. Thank you."

- Andrew

"Incredible experience! Fantastic staff! and Dr. Vafaie is so professional as well as warm with great bedside manner. And Fredda is so professional as well as a "crack up." Thanks to Joni - highly skilled and warm. Also Allison was great too. Who would think it would be a great experience to get a root canal! Thanks so much!"

- June

"Thank you for your help"

- Ann

"I am very pleased with my experience. The staff did a lot to calm my fears and made the visit comfortable for me. Thanks"

- Sandra

"Dr. V and team - you exceeded my expectations!! Job well done. Thanks for the follow-up call doc."

- Dan

"Made to feel comfortable and painless."

- Carl

"Looking forward to future visits."

- Sheldon

"Super friendly - thank you so much for your care and professionalism. You made a very daunting experience into a pain-free and easy procedure. I'll see you next time for my next root canal."

- Linda

"Dr. V and the entire staff are fantastic."

- Carrie

"If it's possible to love an endodontic office, you can't beat this place."

- Pamela

"Outstanding A+ team. Great communication. Like a doctor who can "rock n roll" even with Michael Jackson songs. The dreaded root canal was actually a positive experience."

- Chona

"Totally pleased from start to finish. Great staff and doctor!"

- Theresa

"Incredible and relieved."

- Catherine

"Everything went great. Thanks!"

- Charles

"First of all, I loved the background (classical) music. Second of all, before the procedure Joni explained the procedure in advance. That really helped. Third of all, I liked Dr. V's confidence!! Thank you so much."

- Hyummie

"Great service and care. Thanks again for the quick appointment."

- Rick

"This was my first root canal and I was quite anxious. But given the circumstances, I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience."

- Ed